Friday, January 22, 2010

Gold Leaf Mirrors I Am Looking For Info On A LaBarge Mirror Gold Leafed Beveled # 1045-B Made In Holland MIchigan? ANy Help?

I am looking for info on a LaBarge Mirror gold leafed beveled # 1045-B made in Holland MIchigan? ANy help? - gold leaf mirrors

Mirror, it says, is controlled by DVPD La Barge 1045-B, Netherlands Micgian. The mirror is a mirror with beveled look of gold leaf as a cause for China? Where can I find information on this point I think I program in the 40 or 50 I wonder what the value as a broker said that it was about 10,000. Anyone know a good place for a person rather arounf Apprasial Philadelphia / Scranton area, if not then an online repurable evaluator?

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Butterfly Lover said...

Why not by barge, the company itself? You should be able to provide information about the mirror and to recommend, even if they were assessed.

It is in the FAQ, in the economy since 1962 have mentioned, so this may be a consequence of the original company. I hope it works for you!

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